Christian Patriarchy and Related Issues

My posts on the topic of Christian Patriarchy, Reconstructionism, and other issues within conservative, fundamentalist, and Evangelical Christianity have proven to be my most popular posts.

Because of this, I decided I should create an index page just for these posts, for those who wish to explore my writings on these issues. Some of these were intentionally written about religious topics, while others reveal my experiences as they relate to the books I was reading or other things I was thinking about at the time.

The Duggars and Other Prominent Patriarchists:

Patriarchy, Christian Reconstructionsim, and White Supremacy

The Duggars: How Fundamentalism's Teachings on Sexuality Create Predatory Behavior

Josh Duggar, Ashley Madison, and Covenant Marriage

Josh Duggar Redux: Modesty/Purity Culture Creates Victims along with Predators

Doug Phillips' Affair, and Why I Believe the Details Matter

Doug Phillips' Sexual Abuse - A Follow Up

My John Thompson Story

Doug Wilson and the "Gospel" of Gender Hierarchy

John Piper Steps In It on Rape and Sex 

Yes, Ted Cruz is a Dominionist; Evangelicals Need To Stop Deluding Themselves

Of Course Roy Moore Defends Slavery and Segregation

Hypocrisy and Hate: The Poisonous Legacy of Phyllis Schlafly

What the Endorsement of Donald Trump by Phyllis Schlafly Says About the State of Evangelicalism

The Pat Robertson Zone: Depravity on Display

Don Wildmon is Dead: The Hate Group We Left Our Church to Avoid

Patriarchal Doctrine:

A Lawyer's Perspective on the Legal Status of Women in Old Testament Times

On Domestic Violence: How Conservative Christianity has Chosen Patriarchal Gender Roles Over the Protection of Victims

Note to Evangelicals: Polygamy IS the most “traditional” form of marriage

Control: The Reason The Gospel Coalition and CBMW Cannot Actually Condemn Spousal Abuse 

Christ and the Church: Misusing a Metaphor

Domestic Abuse and Divorce - Evangelicals are Ignoring the Elephant in the Room

Yes, Women Should Be In Charge of Their Bodies

How to Identify a False Prophet

Why I Believe that Raising Your Daughters to Expect to be a Stay-At-Home Mom is Unwise

Fundamentalist Doctrine: 

What I Mean By "Fundamentalism" 

Learning the Words: Legalism 

Learning the Words: Love 

Salvation by Faith...In the Rules(TM)

What Will And Will Not Get You "Farewelled" From Evangelicalism - A Primer

Why Abraham and Isaac Matter (A follow-up to "Farewell") 

There Is No Such Thing As An Objective, Clearly Correct, Interpretation of Scripture

Wisdom Versus Theonomy: An Example From My Experience

The Radical Meaning of the Parable of the Good Samaritan

Fear and Love: The Unexpected Message of Disney's Frozen

Lies Evangelicals Need to Stop Telling: "Christians Ended Slavery and Reduced Domestic Violence."

"Those Who Wish To Seem": Performative Piety

A Positive Vision for Christianity


Dominionism and Evangelicalism PART 1: It's All About The Power

Dominionism and Evangelicalism PART 2: The American Version of Dominionism

Dominionism and Evangelicalism PART 3: Presuppositionalism Has Poisoned Everything

Culture Wars: 

Christianity and Culture PART 1: Asking the Right Questions

Christianity and Culture PART 2: Culture and Scripture 

Christianity and Culture PART 3: How We Evaluate Morality in the Context of Culture

Hate Groups and Why They Matter

Reclaiming Halloween

“They Make a Wasteland and Call it Peace”: Putin and White Evangelicalism

The Christmas Wars, or How to Use Christmas as an Excuse to be a Jerk 

Converts versus Disciples

Converts or Disciples Part 1: A Musical Analogy

Converts or Disciples Part 2: The Problem With the Missionary Project

Converts or Disciples Part 3: Selling It

Converts or Disciples Part 4: The Theological Story is Shit

Sexuality and LGBTQ+ Issues:

If You Support Anti-LGBTQ "Religious Freedom" Laws, You Aren't Really Different from Omar Mateen

Do We Really Believe God Hates Fags? My Thoughts on the Passing of Fred Phelps 

Thought Police and Religious Freedom: Do We Really Believe God Hates Fags - Part 2

For Evangelicals, Evil is Spelled S-E-X (Part 1) 

Evil is Spelled S-E-X (Part 2): The Twisting of Stories About Violence, Abuse of Power, and Justice to be About Sex

Bathroom Boodoggle Part 1: Intersex and Evangelical Denialism

Bathroom Boondoggle Part 2: Rape Panic and Violence Against Minorities

Bathroom Boondoggle Part 3: What This Is Really About

Why My Daughters - And Sons - Are Getting the HPV Vaccine

John Ortberg and Evangelicalism's ongoing inability to think ethically about sex

Possible Christian Responses to LGBTQ People 

Pride Month: The Moment I Became a "Side A" Christian

Neurodiversity and Intersex as Ways of Understanding the LGBTQIA+ Experience

Pride Month 2023: The Root of anti-LGBTQ+ Bigotry is Misogyny

Parental Rights or Parental Ownership


Polarization and Parroting: How We Got There

Why Young People Are Leaving Evangelicalism

Looking Away From An Assault: An Election Tale

Aftermath: A Way Forward For Those Of Us Who Still Believe In Basic Human Decency

The Elephant in the Discussion of Public Benefits

Since When is the Exclusion of Immigrants a "Christian Dream"?

Was It Worth It? My Post Election Prediction

"Shithole" Immigrants

James Dobson and Spiritual Pornography (or, how to feel good while doing evil.)

Nazis, Nietzsche, and Narrative

Nazism, Communism, and Atheism Aren't the Same Thing 

Hostile Culture: White Evangelicalism Shows It Has No Clue

An Epic Civil Rights Battle

Culture and Gun Violence: White Conservative Gun Culture Needs to Look in the Mirror

How Ideology Works - and Why You Cannot have a Rational Discussion with an Ideologue

The Alabama Supreme Court Decision Further Reveals the Moral and Ethical Absurdity of the Anti-Abortion Movement

Personal Stuff:

Our Children ARE a Significant Reason We Haven't Returned to Church

My Thoughts on My Alma Mater, Oak Brook College of Law

Cancer and the Quest for a Guarantee

Why I Do Not Teach My Children Young Earth Creationism 

Thoughts on my Thirty-Sixth Year 

Learning Outside the Family (Sunday School Edition)

What The Requiem Means to Me

Love at First Sight

What I Learned About My Wife in Fifteen Years of Marriage 

Estrangement and Authoritarian Parenting

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