Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What I Read in 2012

It has been a busy year of reading once again. My list for 2011 can be found here. This year, I have linked each book to its review.


Nothing Daunted                                Dorothy Wickenden               1-10-2012
Beyond Opinion                                 Ravi Zacharias, Ed.                1-25-2012
Trafalgar                                            Tom Pocock, Ed.                   2-12-2012
Running Away to Home                     Jennifer Wilson                       2-26-2012
Blink                                                  Malcolm Gladwell                  3-11-2012
Science at the Edge                           John Brockman, Ed.               4-15-2012
Turn Right at Machu Picchu                Mark Adams                         5-4-2012
How to Write a Sentence                   Stanley Fish                            5-23-2012
Nudge                                               Sunstein & Thaler                   6-7-2012
Listen to This                                     Alex Ross                              8-21-2012
The Opium of the Intellectuals            Raymond Aron                       8-25-2012
The American Way of Eating             Tracie McMillan                      9-12-2012
Just My Type                                    Simon Garfield                       10-14-2012
An Economist Gets Lunch                 Tyler Cowen                          10-28-2012
They Thought They Were Free           Milton Meyer                        11-26-2012


The Cypresses Believe in God            José María Gironella               1-6-2012
Cannery Row                                      John Steinbeck                      1-27-2012
Their Eyes were Watching God           Zora Neale Hurston                 2-22-2012
The Book Thief                                   Markus Zusak                        3-14-2012
Mozart’s Last Aria                              Matt Rees                              3-28-2012
Uncle Fred in the Springtime                P. G. Wodehouse                   4-22-2012
The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle     Tobias Smollett                       5-18-2012
A Girl of the Limberlost                       Gene Stratton Porter              6-24-2012
He Knew He was Right                      Anthony Trollope                    7-2-2012
A Red Herring Without Mustard         Alan Bradley                           7-11-2012
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn                 Betty Smith                              8-5-2012
The Flying Inn                                    G. K. Chesterton                     9-16-2012
Uncle Tom’s Cabin                             Harriet Beecher Stowe            10-23-2012
The House on Mango Street               Sandra Cisneros                      11-1-2012
Super Sad True Love Story                Gary Shteyngart                      11-28-2012
Dracula                                              Bram Stoker                            12-12-2012
The Thirteen Gun Salute                     Patrick O’Brian                        12-30-2012


The Importance of Being Earnest       Oscar Wilde                            2-1-2012
Agamemnon                                      Aeschylus                                3-1-2012
Ghosts                                              Henrik Ibsen                            3-22-2012
The School for Scandal                      Richard Sheridan                    4-12-2012
Measure for Measure                        William Shakespeare               5-6-2012
Ivanov                                               Anton Chekhov                      7-16-2012
Pre-Shakespearian Drama (pt 1)       Joseph Adams, Ed.                  9-30-2012
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof                       “Tennessee” Williams              11-7-2012
The School for Husbands                   Molière                                  12-10-2012


Inferno                                               Dante Alighieri                        2-15-2012
Goblin Market and other poems         Christina Rossetti                    3-18-2012
Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats T.S Eliot                                 4-25-2012
Poems Written in Youth                      William Wordsworth               6-10-2012
Gitanjali                                              Rabindranath Tagore              7-19-2012
Evangeline                              Henry Wadsworth Longfellow            8-3-2012
The Spirit Level                                  Seamus Heaney                     9-3-2012
Songs and Sonnets                              John Donne                          10-17-2012
North of Boston                                  Robert Frost                         11-11-2012
Songs of Innocence and Experience   William Blake                         12-19-2012

Reading with my Kids:

The Phantom Tollbooth                                Norton Juster               1-22-2012
Tom Sawyer                                                Mark Twain                  5-30-2012
The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairyland      Catherynne Valente        8-31-2012  

I also read additional books with the kids that I didn't review, so I didn't list them here.     

Non-fiction:                 15
Fiction:                        17
Drama:                         9
Poetry:                        10
Kids:                            3
Total:                         54


  1. I like the way you organized your list. And it's fun to read through at the end of the year. Fun stuff! I still want to read Turn Right at Machu Picchu. I also stuck An Economist Gets Lunch on my reading wish list. Someday . . .