Thursday, January 5, 2012

What I read in 2011

Key:   Fiction        Non-fiction           Poetry

Reviews posted prior to June 29, 2011 were posted on my Facebook page only. I will be adding in the old reviews to the blog periodically. All reviews beginning with A Single Pebble were posted to this blog.

Title                                                         Author                                                          Date      
The Age of Wonder                                      Richard Holmes                                              1-6-11   
Within the Context of No Context                  George W. S. Trow                                         1-25-11
The Mysterious Island                                  Jules Verne                                                    1-28-11
Grounded                                                   Seth Stevenson                                               2-7-11
The Adventures of Sally                                P. G. Wodehouse                                            2-11-11
New Poems                                                G. K. Chesterton                                             2-14-11
50 Years and Other Poems                            James Weldon Johnson                                     2-25-11
The Disappearing Spoon                              Sam Kean                                                       3-13-11
Poems – 1st Series                                      Emily Dickenson                                             3-27-11
Tristram Shandy                                         Laurence Sterne                                               4-14-11
Irving Berlin: American Troubadour               Edward Jablonski                                            5-3-11
The Elegance of the Hedgehog                       Muriel Barbery                                                5-7-11   
The Well Educated Mind                             Susan Wise Bauer                                            5-16-11
Paid on Both Sides & Poems 1927-1932        W. H. Auden                                                  5-17-11
Why Mahler?                                             Norman Lebrecht                                             6-5-11
Frankenstein                                              Mary Shelley                                                   6-12-11
Sweetness and Power                                   Sidney W. Mintz                                             6-24-11
A Single Pebble                                          John Hersey                                                    6-29-11
Spoon River Anthology                               Edgar Lee Masters                                            8-5-11
Thy Hand, Great Anarch                               Nirad C. Chaudhury                                         8-10-11
Cultural Literacy                                          E. D. Hirsch                                                   8-31-11
Sonnets from the Portuguese                          Elizabeth Barrett Browning                                9-14-11
The Glass Castle                                         Jeannette Walls                                                9-20-11
Martin Chuzzlewit                                       Charles Dickens                                               9-26-11
The Kite Runner                                          Khaled Hosseini                                             10-5-11
Areopagitica                                               John Milton                                                   10-9-11 
Twelve Ordinary Men                                  John MacArthur                                               10-16-11
Early Poems                                               Matthew Arnold                                             10-23-11
Sevastopol Sketches & other early Stories        Leo Tolstoy                                                  10-29-11              
The River War                                            Winston Churchill                                          11-6-11
The Letter of Marque                                    Patrick O’Brian                                              11-10-11
The Eyre Affair                                           Jasper Fforde                                                   11-28-11
The Big Book of Beastly Mispronunciations   Charles Harrington Elster                                  12-4-11
Hep-Cats, Narcs, and Pipe Dreams                  Jill Jonnes                                                     12-6-11
A Christmas Carol                                       Charles Dickens                                              12-17-11
Last Chance to See                                      Douglas Adams/Mark Carwardine                      12-29-11
Early Poems                                               William Carlos Williams                                 12-31-11

Fiction:                 12
Non-fiction:          17
Poetry                    8
Total:                    37

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