Thursday, January 2, 2014

What I Read in 2013

While I didn’t read quite as many books this year as last, it was pretty close. I ended up reading less poetry and drama than last year, but read more fiction and non-fiction. I also made it through several epic non-fiction works. I did write more about the books I read with my kids, and took several camping trips - which cut into my reading time a bit. I also spent some of my blogging time writing on theological and religious issues.

Past installments:

As with last year, I have broken these down by genre: Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and drama.


We Thought We Heard the Angels Sing          James Whittaker                                                  1-3-13
Studies in Words                                                  C. S. Lewis                                                            1-19-13
The Souls of Black Folk                                     W.E.B Du Bois                                                     2-13-13
The Perfect Wagnerite                                        George Bernard Shaw                                         2-20-13
Railroaded: The Transcontinentals…             Richard White                                                      3-3-13
Why Does the World Exist                                Jim Holt                                                                 3-27-13
Iron Curtain                                                          Anne Applebaum                                                  4-3-13
City Life                                                                Witold Rybczynski                                              5-7-13
Alarms and Diversions                                       James Thurber                                                     5-20-13
St. Francis of Assisi                                             G. K. Chesterton                                                  6-3-13
On the Map                                                          Simon Garfield                                                     6-17-13
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions          Thomas Kuhn                                                      8-13-13
England Under the Stuarts                                 G. M. Trevelyan                                                   10-7-13
The Violinist’s Thumb                                        Sam Kean                                                             11-7-13
Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar            Thomas Cathcart & Daniel Klein                     11-21-13
Divine Vintage                                                     Randall Heskett & Joel Butler                          12-9-13
Impossible Journeys                                           Matthew Lyons                                                   12-24-13


Thank You, Jeeves                                              P. G. Wodehouse                                                 1-16-13
Rilla of Ingleside                                                  L. M. Montgomory                                             1-23-13
The Man of Property                                          John Galsworthy                                                  2-7-13
The Scarlet Letter                                                Nathaniel Hawthorne                                         2-28-13
A Duty to the Dead                                             Charles Todd                                                        3-7-13
Gold Boy, Emerald Girl                                         Yiyun Li                                                                3-10-13
The Secret Agent                                                 Joseph Conrad                                                     3-28-13
No Name                                                               Wilkie Collins                                                       4-22-13
A Princess of Mars                                              Edgar Rice Burroughs                                         4-24-13
A Curtain of Green                                              Eudora Welty                                                       5-22-13
The Reluctant Fundamentalist                         Mohsin Hamid                                                     6-26-13
Framley Parsonage                                             Anthony Trollope                                                  7-3-13
Black Swan Green                                               David Mitchell                                                     7-20-13
I am Half-sick of Shadows                                    Alan Bradley                                                        8-1-13
Our Kind of Traitor                                             John le Carre                                                        8-30-13
Daniel Deronda                                                    George Eliot                                                          9-15-13
The Wee Free Men                                              Terry Pratchett                                                     10-1-13
The Quest for Christa T.                                     Christa Wolf                                                         10-13-13
The Picture of Dorian Gray                               Oscar Wilde                                                          10-27-13
The Sunday Philosophy Club                           Alexander McCall Smith                                   11-22-13
Biffen’s Millions                                                  P. G. Wodehouse                                                 12-18-13


archy and mehitabel                                           Don Marquis                                                        1-20-13
Selected Poems                                                    Anne Bradstreet                                                   2-18-13
Selected Early Poems                                         W. B. Yeats                                                           4-9-13
The Lady of the Lake                                        Sir Walter Scott                                                    5-26-13
Selected Poems                                                    Pablo Neruda                                                       8-18-13
Poems (1833)                                                       Alfred, Lord Tennyson                                       10-23-13


Medea                                                                   Euripides                                                               1-10-13
Pippa Passes                                                         Robert Browning                                                 2-17-13
The Man of Mode                                               Sir George Etheredge                                           5-15-13
Porgy and Bess (Libretto version)                    DuBose Heyward                                                    6-10-13
Richard II                                                             William Shakespeare                                          7-17-13

I also was able to see the following plays live this year:

The Cherry Orchard                                            Anton Chekov (CSUB)                                      May 2013
Midsummer Night’s Dream                               Shakespeare (Empty Space)                             Sept 2013
Henry V                                                                 Shakespeare (BC)                                               Oct 2013

Reading with the Kids:

Mythology                                                            Traditional                                                            2-12-13
The Hobbit                                                           J. R. R. Tolkien                                                     4-20-13
Island of the Blue Dolphins                               Scott O’Dell                                                          5-30-13
The Wind in the Willows                                    Kenneth Grahame                                               7-30-13
The Jungle Books                                                Rudyard Kipling                                                  10-3-13
Halloween Edition                                               R. Browning, Coleridge, Irving                          10-30-13

Non-fiction:      17
Fiction:              21
Poetry:              6
Drama:              8   
Kids:                 6
Total:                58

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