Monday, March 16, 2015


This post is number 300 on my blog. Somehow, I failed to notice in time when I passed 100 and 200, but I thought I might catch this one.

When I started out writing book reviews on Facebook in 2010, I was primarily intending to provide a little amusement for family and friends while putting my thoughts on my ongoing self-education into writing.

As far back as I can remember, I have enjoyed writing. Not always the school assignments, which were sometimes a bit tedious, although others were quite fun. But I enjoyed writing for myself and friends. I published a little “newsletter” of sorts from time to time, with a combination of real family news and stuff made up for fun. I have assisted with various family newsletters here and there. For a while, I had some pen pals, and I would have fun with making my letters amusing and off the wall.

Eventually, I grew frustrated with Facebook’s terrible formatting for notes, and realized that I really needed a blog for the reviews. This would enable me to link related reviews, add music and illustrations, and index the posts. While Blogger isn’t perfect, it works pretty well for what I use it for.

You can find all of my book reviews indexed here.

Eventually, the blog led to further interaction with other readers. As a result of some of the conversations that took place, combined with some public Kinsley gaffes (when someone inadvertently tells the truth about what they really believe) by conservative Christian leaders, I started researching the history of certain ideas.  My wife and I had already spent a good bit of time questioning certain parts of our upbringing, and it was enlightening to discover the racist and misogynist history of some of Christian fundamentalism’s most toxic ideas. Thus, my blog, while still focusing on books, also became a venue for the exploration of ideas and opinions. In that sense, it has been a partial record of a spiritual journey. In the process, I have discovered a number of others who have been making the same journey, away from the idolatry of cultural preferences and worship of a past that never really was.  I have enjoyed the ride so far.

Going forward, I intend to continue my focus on my reading, while writing on religion, philosophy, social issues, and my personal journey as time permits. I treasure the insightful comments I have received and the new friends that I have found as a result of my writing.

Yeah, this is me. And it has a cat, so it belongs on the internet.


I do not, and never have, made any money off this blog. I write for my own enjoyment, and would probably find that deadlines would make this a whole lot less fun anyway. Plus, the chances anyone would want to pay me to write about the kind of books I tend to read is pretty low. So no, I doubt I will be quitting my day job to become a writer.

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