Modesty Culture

Since Modesty Culture turned into such a big series, it gets its own index page.


  1. Amazing & insightful. Thank you for explaining the reality of this modesty nonsense much more eloquently than I could ever hope to. Peace!

  2. I just came across one of your modesty posts, and now I plan on reading all of them. I am blown away by your logical analysis and use of historical context.

    I've also written frequently about modesty, although my posts haven't gone quite into the depth of yours.

  3. These posts are fantastic. With 3 daughters myself and having come from a very Mormon (high emphasis on modesty- their underwear/garments speak volumes on the subject) background, these posts gave me a lot to think about. You pointed out things I never thought of. THANK YOU!!!!

    1. Welcome! I myself was rather struck with the parallels between Christian Patriarchy (and Modesty Culture within Evangelicalism) and the similar discussion happening within Mormonism.

      In fact, a relative recently tried to "rebut" my blog series by posting a video...that turned out to be Mormon. As you are probably aware, many Evangelicals consider LDS to be second cousin to demon worship, so this was a bit surprising. (Not my opinion, but there you have it.) I don't think said relative realized he/she was quoting a Mormon source, of course.

      I've been thinking a good bit about the connection, and it really seems like the goal of Christian Patriarchy is to imitate the early Mormons.

      Since you have left that faith, you can probably see what I mean by that.

      I appreciate the re-post. Feel free to stop by and comment whenever you like.

  4. I thought you would find this funny. A couple of blog posts about "Butt Sin".