Modesty Culture

Since Modesty Culture turned into such a big series, it gets its own index page.


  1. Amazing & insightful. Thank you for explaining the reality of this modesty nonsense much more eloquently than I could ever hope to. Peace!

  2. I just came across one of your modesty posts, and now I plan on reading all of them. I am blown away by your logical analysis and use of historical context.

    I've also written frequently about modesty, although my posts haven't gone quite into the depth of yours.

  3. These posts are fantastic. With 3 daughters myself and having come from a very Mormon (high emphasis on modesty- their underwear/garments speak volumes on the subject) background, these posts gave me a lot to think about. You pointed out things I never thought of. THANK YOU!!!!

    1. Welcome! I myself was rather struck with the parallels between Christian Patriarchy (and Modesty Culture within Evangelicalism) and the similar discussion happening within Mormonism.

      In fact, a relative recently tried to "rebut" my blog series by posting a video...that turned out to be Mormon. As you are probably aware, many Evangelicals consider LDS to be second cousin to demon worship, so this was a bit surprising. (Not my opinion, but there you have it.) I don't think said relative realized he/she was quoting a Mormon source, of course.

      I've been thinking a good bit about the connection, and it really seems like the goal of Christian Patriarchy is to imitate the early Mormons.

      Since you have left that faith, you can probably see what I mean by that.

      I appreciate the re-post. Feel free to stop by and comment whenever you like.

  4. I thought you would find this funny. A couple of blog posts about "Butt Sin".

    1. Okay, I'm way, way behind here, but I have now read the primer. And I am wondering:

      "At the beginning of time, when the first humans walked out of Eden, a bunch of mean old Christian school teachers were standing there to make sure no butt cheeks were hanging out of Adam and Eve’s animal skin clothes.

      The Christian school teachers were like “We need to talk to your parents, who are they?” so Adam was like “God, and He’s in there,” and then Adam pointed back to the Garden of Eden. But because of the angel with the flaming sword, the teachers couldn’t go inside Eden, and they were forced to wander the earth for all eternity, just worryin bout butts, and they are still at it, to this very day."

      Where did the Christian school teachers outside the gates of Eden come from?

  5. Hello! I just wrote a comment but this is my first time on a blogspot website so I'm not sure if it worked? Forgive me if the comment ends up being posted/sent to you twice. Or maybe even a third time. Again, still trying to maneuver blogspot.

    I read your 12-part series on modesty culture and agree with most of what you have to say. You are doing the Christian community a justice, my friend. :) I plan to share your blog posts with my friends.

    I do have one question though. Have you heard the story of the martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicitas in 203 AD? They were certainly courageous and godly young women. Something that confused me when reading their story was this (taken from

    "Perpetua was first led in. She was tossed, and fell on her hips. When she saw her tunic torn from her side, she drew it over her as a veil for her middle, rather mindful of her modesty than her suffering. When she was called for again, she bound up her disheveled hair, It was not becoming for a martyr to suffer with disheveled hair, lest she should appear to be mourning in her glory."

    Why would Perpetua cover herself in the name of textile modesty? I understand that early Rome and Greek modesty was demonstrated in the way you dressed-just like it is in our (American) culture. As you pointed out in another (awesome) article, God doesn't change cultures or governments. Instead, He changes the hearts of individuals. If enough people's hearts are changed, than they'll influence the culture and government in which they live, therefore changing the aspects of it.

    So if I were Perpetua, I can't see myself having covered my thighs because I'm not going to care about my textile modesty like the pagans did. Plus I wouldn't if God doesn't either since, well, I'm not a sexual object that needs to be covered. Thoughts?

    **I've also tried finding the original eye witness accounts online (translated into English obviously), but I can't seem to find them. You'd think I could find them easily. Hmph.

  6. I don't agree with everything on your site at all but the modesty culture posts are well done and helpful. Cheers!