Saturday, June 9, 2018

A Prime Marriage

Seventeen is a prime number - the seventh prime number (assuming you don’t count 1) to be specific. Prime numbers are important in math for many reasons, and are foundational to the encryption which allows us to have secure internet transactions.

Amanda and I have now been married seventeen years. As has been my tradition since I started this blog, I have written a little something for our anniversary. This year, I am going with “prime” as the theme, in honor of the seventh prime number - and an equal number of years. All definitions are from the Oxford English Dictionary.

1. Prime (adjective): Of first importance; main.

My relationship with Amanda is my most important - and main relationship. She is my best friend, my lover, my favorite person in the world.

2. Prime (adjective): From which another thing may derive or proceed.

For the last 17 years, everything has derived or proceeded from our marriage. Well, certainly the 5 kids, but also our life has centered around each other. The lives we have built together directly derive and proceed from the relationship. Without each other, things would likely have turned out quite differently for us.

3. Prime (adjective): Of the best possible quality; excellent.

Amanda is a woman (and person) of the best possible quality. Excellence is one of her salient attributes. As a result, I am in a marriage of the highest quality.

4. Prime (adjective): Having all the typical characteristics of something.

Amanda is a prime example - she has all the typical characteristics of a good spouse. She is loving, hard working, honest, competent, affectionate, patient, and more. I cannot imagine a better person to share my life with.

5. Prime (adjective): Most suitable or likely.

Amanda is, as it turns out, highly suitable to be my spouse. I’m not so sure it was likely, however. I still can’t believe she chose me. But, since she did, I suppose the chances are 100%...

6. Prime [number] (adjective): divisible only by itself and unity

Amanda and I are two and one in that mysterious way that a good marriage works. We are divisible by ourselves and unity only.

7. Prime (noun): The state or time of greatest vigour or success in a person's life.

My time with Amanda has indeed been the best time of my life. If you count the time we were dating, we are rapidly approaching half of my life together. (And already half of hers.)

8: Prime (noun): The beginning of something. (archaic)

When we met, it was indeed the beginning of something. Eventually, our life together.

9. Prime (verb): Make (something) ready for use or action.

We both make each other better. We are able to function as we best can, because the other covers for the other’s weakness, and carries the other when needed.

10: Prime (verb): Induce a susceptibility or proclivity in (an animal, person, or tissue)

Amanda definitely induces a susceptibility or proclivity in me. A proclivity toward mushiness, obviously, and, ahem, other things.

11. Prime (verb): Prepare (someone) for a situation, typically by supplying them with relevant information.

My relationship with Amanda prepares me for the rest of life. She is a source of stability and purpose, and a source of advice and assistance whenever I need it.

Well, couldn’t quite get to 17 definitions, but 11 is a prime too, so I’ll go with that.

Happy anniversary, dearest Amanda, and may we have many more!

 At Nevada Falls, Yosemite National Park, on our anniversary last year.


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