Saturday, June 8, 2013

12th Anniversary

On June 9, 2001, I married Amanda. We were young and crazy, and madly in love. Twelve years later, two of those things are still true. A dozen years, five children, and about a million loads of laundry and dishes later, I cannot imagine life without her.

Twelve random things I love about Amanda

1. She can drive a stick shift.

2. She dances around the house singing Broadway tunes and songs from the 1930s.

3. She ran a 10k while 5 months pregnant. That is the definition of tough. It also inspired me to run.

4. She can design patterns for everything: sewn, crocheted, knitted, craft related.

5. I can count on her to be calm and take charge in any crisis.

6. She finds me irresistible. Most of the time.

7. She never micromanages my parenting or housework.

8. When we were still dating, a friend of ours announced her engagement to a man named Walter. We looked at each other and said, “Dearest Walter, with hard boiled egg.” (If you don’t understand this, find O. Henry’s story “Springtime a la Carte”.)

9. She is completely undisturbed by the sight of blood or needles.

10. She doesn’t take me too seriously. I need an amused chuckle and a kiss once in a while.

11. She too likes to spend an evening curled up in bed with a book.

12. She agreed to spend her life with me. 

Yes, Amanda made her wedding dress. I love that she chose to make a light cotton dress, rather than heavy satin. 
It just fits her personality.

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  1. I'd know that cranky capital 'W' anywhere.

  2. I bet you could think of a bunch more reasons, but you did a nice job narrowing it down to twelve pretty good ones.