Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Best Friend

Friendship multiplies the good of life and divides the evil. ~ Baltasar Gracian

With a best friend, there is no question of who is the boss: you both want the same things.

A best friend doesn’t keep a ledger of who does what work. A best friend knows that it isn’t the division of labor, but the result, that counts. Best friends know that together, they can complete a task faster and better than apart.

A best friend doesn’t compete with you. You are a team, and can kick anyone’s butt if necessary.

It is always you and your best friend against the world. The two of you can conquer anything together.

A best friend will never ask you to compromise your values or your personality. A best friend loves you for who you are.

A best friend never needs to demand, because a best friend knows that a reasonable request will always be granted. Best friends want to please each other.

A best friend knows when you are overwhelmed, and helps carry that burden for you.

A best friend knows when you are just blowing off steam, and when you are really upset.

It never gets old to talk to your best friend. You will never run out of conversation, because everything in life is a potential topic.

When your best friend shows up, the stress level goes down and you can relax.

You never worry about being stabbed in the back by a best friend, and you know you would never do it either.

Best friends cannot be separated by the idle chatter and gossip of third parties. Best friends know each other too well to believe lies about the other.

Best friends finish each other’s sentences. Great minds think alike.

Best friends, when apart, think of what the other would say about whatever they are doing and experiencing - and probably can guess the witty comment the other would make in any situation.

A best friend thinks it’s funny when you put your foot in your mouth - but doesn’t laugh too hard.

Best friends always respect each other when they fight. They might even respect each other more when they disagree.

A best friend will tell you the truth whether you want to hear it or not, but doesn’t feel the need to use it as a weapon.

Best friends can tell when the other is full of it.

Best friends can’t stand to be angry at each other.

A best friend can communicate a whole history with a glance and a raised eyebrow.

A best friend can always be trusted, and gives trust in return. A best friend also understands that everyone fails sometimes, and loves anyway.

When you have a best friend, you wake up in the morning excited about the adventures you will have together.

Every experience is better when shared with a best friend. Yet best friends understand the need for separate activities and interests.

When you have a best friend, life itself would be unimaginable without the friendship.

In 1998, I met my best friend. Eleven years ago, I married her.