Monday, June 27, 2011

A word about my Blog

Back in 2009, when I first signed up for Facebook, I played around with a couple of "Bookshelf" applications with the intent of sharing with friends what I was reading. Unfortunately, none of them really facilitated either the writing of reviews or discussion.
After a few attempts at writing public reviews, I decided to start posting my reviews as notes on Facebook, tagging friends that I knew enjoyed reading. While this worked reasonably well, it also was somewhat limited in scope to my immediate friends.
In starting this blog, my intent is that the discussion be opened up to anyone who wishes to discuss and comment, whether friend or stranger.
I have been an autodidact from birth, with a particular focus on the printed source of knowledge since I learned to read. Even though I have no desire to return to higher education at this time in my life, I have no intent to let my mind stagnate. Thus, I read.
My interests are varied. I read what interests me at the time. Ok, so I also read what my wife brings me from the library and what friends lend me. Either way, the books mentioned here will cover a wide range of subjects and eras.
In general, I read books from three categories simultaneously: Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry.
I will be posting old reviews on this blog as well, with a note as to its original publication date.
Feel free to comment or argue civilly - the intention is that we all can learn from each other.

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